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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Unchain My Heart; Oh Please, Please Set Me Free

  • Back in Douglas's Chamber of Horrors, the fighting continues as Bridin and Michael go into hardcore werewolf combat mode. Douglas, on other hand, is bent on only one thing: killing Sam and stealing his power once and for all.
  • Douglas slits open Sam's arm and starts collecting his blood in a bowl, then takes Michael out of the room for a little meeting once he and Bridin are done besting each other. A drop of Sam's blood falls onto the ground, and he feels his powers surge.
  • He also recognizes something else: The spirits of all the people Douglas has killed in this room are surrounding him and are really ticked off. As his blood falls to the floor again, Sam decides to use his powers to conjure the dead to save him.
  • A giant army of dead people gets resurrected from the power of Sam's blood, and heads straight for Douglas, who tries to circumvent Sam's spell with one of his own. Now the zombie people are just attacking anything in their paths—not just him.
  • When Ramon walks through the door, Douglas motions for one of the zombies to head straight for him.

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