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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  • While Sam's recovering from being abused by a guy who is either drugged up or has superhuman strength, let's take a trip into the dark recesses of the mind of Douglas Montgomery. It's time to get some answers about who this guy is and what he wants.
  • Here's the deal with Douglas: He's a necromancer. And here's another bombshell: Sam is, too, and Douglas sees him as a threat to his power—so Sam must be destroyed, and Dougie has a plan for how to do it.
  • The first part has already gone down, and failed massively. He sent Michael, one of his associates, to peacefully, but forcefully assert Douglas's power by sending a message. Instead, though, Michael used excessive brute force to intimidate him.
  • Because of Michael's failure, Douglas must take matters into his own hands to show Sam that he means business. Right now, he's parked in Brooke's driveway after following her home from work. Yikes. We've seen enough horror movies to know that when the creepy dude follows the pretty girl home, things never go well for her.
  • Douglas is convinced that Sam is lying about not knowing about his powers because Douglas's necromancing abilities became evident when he was very young. He recalls going to his grandmother's house as a child dressed in itchy, dark clothes and meeting up with his cousin, Charlie.
  • Charlie looked kind of pale and wore pajamas when everyone else was dressed up. When Douglas's mom discovered them, Douglas explained that he was playing with Charlie—at which point Douglas's mom explained to him that they were gathered at his aunt's house for Charlie's funeral.
  • Douglas's aunt Lynn, who was also a necromancer, took him under her wing and spent the next several years teaching him everything she knew. This turned out to be a bad move: When he was sixteen, Douglas killed her and stole her powers.
  • Now he plans the do the same thing to Sam, and it all starts with going inside Brooke's house. While singing a creepy parody of "My Favorite Things." This can't be good, folks.

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