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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

  • Douglas not only stripped Bridin and put her in a cage, he drugged her, too, so now she's having really bad nightmares that transport her back to random places in her past. Lucky us, her dreams teach us a little more about how werewolf society functions.
  • First, Bridin's practicing what seems to be werewolf judo with her brother Sean. It sounds pretty painful, but they seem to be enjoying it. Their older brother, Bran, shows up to give them tips, especially to Bridin, about how to defend against big guys.
  • Learning to were-fight is especially critical for Bridin because she's next in line to be something called the taoiseach—the werewolf pack leader.
  • The scene in the dream changes to another fight with Sean. She wins, but Bran attacks her from behind and pins her, telling Bridin that their father insisted he show her the consequences of overusing one of her moves.
  • Brannoc and Bridin have a heart-to-heart about what happened, and he tells her that she needs to be less afraid of making mistakes. He's proud that she takes her coming responsibilities so seriously, but she still needs more practice.
  • Back in the present, Douglas has an unconscious Bridin bound by her wrists and is doing some creepy medical research on her. He's drawing her blood and slicing her skin open with a special dagger to test her werewolf healing abilities.
  • In case you haven't figured it out yet, this guy is weird. Really weird.

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