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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I'm Gonna Keep My Sheep Suit On

  • Douglas temporarily abandons his Bridin experiment to go to an Irish pub called the Tongue and Buckle, but he's not there for a night on the town. It's time to head into the back room for a meeting of the mysterious Council we've heard so much about.
  • The Council is basically the northwestern branch of a national underground association of paranormal people. Its diversity is unmatched—vampires, fey-hounds, satyrs, furies, and just about every other creature you can imagine.
  • Brannoc, Bridin's fey-hound father, is present, which is probably super awkward for Douglas. After all, he's kind of holding dude's daughter hostage.
  • The Council hears several petitions from paranormal Seattle folks looking to move to another territory or bring family members in. Apparently, the Council's main duty is to keep track of the movement of these creatures throughout the region and country.
  • During a break, Douglas decides to mess with Brannoc's head, so he asks him when his daughter and heir to the throne will be joining them at a meeting. Brannoc assures him that when Bridin does take over his spot, things will be in capable hands.

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