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Holes Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Days pass and Stanley digs more holes. After a while, he loses track of how long he's been at the camp. All he knows is that he's lost weight, and digging has become a little bit easier. Well, at least that's one positive.
  • One day, the first cloud he's even seen at Camp Green Lake floats across the sky.
  • Stanley finds an object in the hole he's digging. Drumroll please… it's a gold tube, about the size of a finger. There is a design engraved on the bottom of the tube: the outline of a heart with the letters KB inside it.
  • A second chance for a day off? Well, not so much. He doesn't want to have to give it to X-Ray, but he realizes that it's inevitable – he'll have to in the end.
  • The boys don't know what the tube is, but he says he'll show it to Mr. Pendanski anyway, and maybe he'll get the day off. But Stanley points out that X-Ray's hole is almost finished, and suggests he save the object for the next day, when getting the day off will matter more. Smart thinkin', Stan.
  • When the water truck comes and the boys line up, X-Ray tells Stanley to take the place in front of Zero. Stanley's moving up in the world!

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