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Holes Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • The Warden directs the boys to keep digging, but there's a slight change. Instead of digging their own holes, they're all digging in or near the hole where X-Ray said he found the gold tube. This sure smells like a treasure hunt to us.
  • The Warden stays at the site all day, anxiously directing the boys and making sure they have enough water. We wonder what she's hoping to find…
  • Finally, at the end of the day she says that they can stop. "I've waited this long," she says, "I can wait another day" (15.15). Cliffhanger!
  • As the boys walk back to their tent, Stanley wonders aloud how the Warden knew all of their names since he'd never even seen her before. Zigzag and Armpit (we still can't get over these nicknames) tell him that she has hidden cameras and microphones all through the camp.
  • Um…
  • Stanley isn't sure whether he believes this or not.
  • He looks back toward the hole he was digging the day before when he found the tube. He realizes that whatever the Warden is looking for, it might be there, and he memorizes the location of the hole.

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