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Holes Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Nothing doing for the next week and a half. The Warden keeps coming to the dig site, and she gets more and more impatient and unhappy every day that they don't find something.
  • All the boys are digging in the area where X-Ray supposedly found the gold tube: by now, the area has just become one huge hole. (Sounds like fun for a day at the beach, but not at Camp Green Lake.)
  • One day, when Armpit returns from a bathroom break, the Warden jabs at him with a pitchfork, knocking him backward into the hole and leaving three tiny holes in his shirt.
  • Wow. This just got way scary.
  • To top it off, she tells Mr. Pendanski that he's giving the boys too much water.
  • Later that same day, Stanley and the other boys are all digging when Zigzag accidentally knocks Stanley out with his shovel. And get this: he doesn't apologize.
  • Stanley has a big gash on the side of his head, but Mr. Sir just bandages it with a piece of his sunflower seed sack and tells Stanley to keep digging.
  • This is not good, Shmoopers.

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