Study Guide

Holes Chapter 33

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 33

  • Stanley continues to run – and then walk – away from Camp Green Lake. No one follows him. He doesn't think he can make it to Big Thumb, and without any water, he knows he'll have to return to camp soon. But he decides to wait until everyone's had a chance to calm down a little.
  • In the meantime he'll look for Zero.
  • As he walks, he keeps seeing holes, although the farther he gets from camp, the more haphazard and random the holes seem to be. Curious, indeed.
  • Every time he passes a hole, he glances in, both hoping and not hoping to find Zero there.
  • In one hole he sees a family of yellow-spotted lizards looking up at him. Eek! He runs away, terrified.
  • When he stops running, he sees something off in the distance. It turns out to be a sack of sunflower seeds, with only one seed left in it.