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Holes Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

  • The two boys continue to live on the mountaintop, resting and eating onions. Not the tastiest diet, but hey, they're doing their best. Zero is still weak, but he's getting better every day.
  • Now Zero tells Stanley the story of how he came to steal Clyde Livingston's shoes. Get cozy because a story is coming at you:
  • The poor guy was living on the street by himself, and he would sometimes stay at the homeless shelter. It's a super sad tale, especially the details he recounts about pretending to be a Cub Scout when he was sleeping outside.
  • When Zero's mom was around, he says, they used to steal things they needed to get by. But they would take only what they needed, never more.
  • So when Zero saw the old shoes in the display case at the shelter, he just took them. But when people realized they were missing, there was such a big fuss that Zero got scared. He left the shelter, took the shoes off, and left them on top of a parked car.
  • He was arrested the next day while trying to steal some sneakers from a shoe store.
  • Bah.

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