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Holes Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

  • Zero is back up to one hundred percent. The boys have eaten a lot of onions since climbing up the mountain, and they no longer notice the nasty odor of the place. (They're probably pretty stinky themselves, though.)
  • While Zero sleeps, Stanley thinks about how he and Zero came to be here. He's happy, and he realizes that – for the first time that he can remember – he likes himself. That's definitely a good feeling.
  • In the end, he's glad that the shoes fell from the overpass and hit him on the head, because it's what brought him here. It was his destiny, he thinks.
  • Stanley knows that he and Zero will have to eventually return to Camp Green Lake. But he wonders if they might be able to steal food and water and live as fugitives for the rest of their lives.
  • But as he thinks about this, "an even crazier idea" pops into his head (42.34). He remembers the lipstick tube he found and then thinks about Kate Barlow's missing treasure.
  • We see a treasure hunt on the horizon, dear readers.
  • He wakes Zero up and asks him if he wants to dig one more hole.

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