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Holes Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

  • Zero and Stanley hold perfectly still while the lizards crawl over and around them. Mr. Pendanski, on the other hand, isn't quite as stoic. He screams as a lizard leaps at him, but lucky for him, Mr. Sir shoots the lizard in midair. Nice aim.
  • The counselors continue to joke about the kids dying. And yes, Stanley and Zero can hear everything they're saying.
  • The Warden says that they all need to get their story straight. Here's the plan: they'll tell "that woman" and the Attorney General that Stanley tried to run away, fell in a hole, and was bitten by a lizard. Zero, on the other hand, they'll just bury and forget about – no one is looking for him anyway.
  • The counselors and the Warden talk some more and reveal that Stanley was supposed to be released the day before. What?
  • Turns out they covered up the fact that he was missing by saying that he was delirious and couldn't be released. They also start talking about his lawyer, which is super confusing because Stanley knows his family is too poor to afford that kind of support.
  • Stanley refuses to die while looking at the Warden and the counselors, so he chooses to think about his mother instead: he conjures up a memory of a time the two of them played in the snow together. Sound pretty nice to us.
  • It's getting close to wake-up times, so the Warden sends the counselors back to their tents with instructions to keep the kids inside and tell them not to talk to anyone. Warden McScary and Mr. Sir stay behind with the boys.
  • The lizards are still crawling all over the boys, but Zero manages to give Stanley a thumbs-up.

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