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Holes Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

  • They walk back to camp. Stanley learns that the man is the Texas Attorney General, and the woman is his lawyer, Ms. Morengo.
  • Stanley has the suitcase. (Woo!)
  • The Warden desperately tries to change her story, saying that although the suitcase is Stanley's, the things inside it are hers. She tells Stanley to open the suitcase, but Ms. Morengo tells him not to. You tell her, Ms. M.
  • Finally, Stanley is free. But wait – there's no way he's leaving without Zero. The Attorney General tells him not to worry: Zero will be safe. But Stanley still refuses to leave, so Ms. Morengo asks to look at Zero's file.
  • Mr. Pendanski pretends to look for the file, but if you remember, he kind of destroyed it after Zero ran away. So yeah, he claims he can't find it.
  • The Attorney General places a phone call to his office and then goes inside to talk to the Warden. Someone's about to get a smack down.
  • The boys from D Tent come out of the wreck room; they're excited to see Stanley and Zero, and Zigzag even apologizes to Stanley for their fight. The only one who doesn't come talk to the runaways is X-Ray.
  • Squid writes down a phone number and asks Stanley to call his mother for him. Aw.
  • Since there's no record of Zero to be found anywhere – even in the files at the Attorney General's office – Ms. Morengo insists that they have no authority to hold him at Camp Green Lake. She takes his hand and says he's coming with her and Stanley.

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