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Homecoming Genre

By Cynthia Voigt

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Young Adult; Coming-of-Age; Family Drama

Homecoming may be filled with tricky things for Dicey to sort out, but luckily for us, genre-wise, this story fits into categories nice and neatly. It's definitely young adult lit since it's all about Dicey, a thirteen-year-old who takes on the world, written in language that most thirteen-year-olds will find right up their ally. As for the coming of age bit, well, Dicey and her siblings are suddenly without any adult supervision or guidance, forced to come of age, each in their own ways, the moment their mom abandons them in the mall parking lot.

Speaking of their mom abandoning them in the mall parking lot, the drama for the Tillerman kids starts thanks to a member of their family, and while non-family members definitely add to it from time to time, in general, the drama boils down to Dicey's commitment to keeping her siblings together. And because of this, family drama drives the plot, through and through. 

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