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Homecoming Part 2, Chapter 1

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Part 2, Chapter 1

  • The Tillermans all ride on the bus heading south toward Maryland.
  • James mentions that it's like they're breaking out ofprison, but Dicey doesn't think that's quite fair since Cousin Eunice didn't lock them up. Her house wasn't quite home, though, either. Fingers crossed their grandmother's will be different…
  • Maybeth is scared, but Dicey assures her that things will beokay, and if they have to go back to Cousin Eunice's, Dicey will watch out for her more. She promises.
  • Finally, they stop at another station and the kids get offand buy four tickets to Wilmington, Delaware. Dicey is a bit worried that Cousin Eunice might call the police and try to come after them, so she'd like to get as far away from Bridgeport as possible.
  • She's also a bit worried about money. Dicey had only plannedfor one person—herself—to go to Crisfield, but now she's paying for three extra tickets. They won't have enough money to ride the bus the whole way there, though, so they'll need to walk at least part of the way. If she can just get her hands on some supplies for camping and fishing, they might be fine…
  • At the station in Wilmington, Dicey tries to buy a ticket toCrisfield, but the next bus won't leave until 9 p.m. that night.
  • Dicey doesn't want to risk it. Cousin Eunice will be home at5:40 p.m., and by the time the next bus leaves, she might be able to track them down and send the police to bring them back. Dicey panics at the thought of waiting in the bus station that long, and impulsively buys four tickets to Annapolis, Maryland.
  • When the Tillermans get off in Annapolis, Dicey tells themthey need to find a way across the Chesapeake Bay—they're on the wrong side.
  • But it's almost nighttime, so the kids buy ice cream fordinner and manage to find an abandoned house to sleep in. Full bellies and a roof over their heads? Who could ask for more?

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