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Homecoming Part 2, Chapter 10

By Cynthia Voigt

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Part 2, Chapter 10

  • The next afternoon, the kids get a visit from Will and Claire. They just want to check in and make sure things are okay since they haven't heard from the Tillermans in a few days.
  • Dicey introduces them to her grandmother, which is sort of awkward since the kids really aren't staying there.
  • Will and Claire mention that the house was hard to find; Abigail doesn't even have a phone. Abigail explains that this is because she threw it through the window of the phone company when the government called to tell her that her son had been killed in Vietnam. This lady's got spunk.
  • Will and Claire have come bearing gifts, too: bikes for all the kids. That'll definitely help them cover more ground.
  • Abigail invites Will and Claire to stay for lunch and they tell her the story of Mr. Rudyard and how they met the kids. Again, Abigail is impressed by everything the kids have been through to get to her.
  • As they leave, Will and Claire tell Dicey to call them anytime if they ever need help—they're her friends and they'll be there for her. Aw. Yay.
  • Before dinner, Sammy rides his bike and Dicey and James talk about staying in Crisfield. Sure, it's nice here, but why did all of Abigail's children leave her? Is there something they don't know?
  • When it's time for dinner, Sammy still hasn't come back. Dicey is worried, but doesn't say anything. When Sammy finally waltzes through the door, she tells him to wash his hands for dinner.
  • But, Abigail tells him he can go to his room instead—there's no supper for bad little boys.
  • Sammy is hungry, but Abigail insists. Dicey knows it's not right, though. These kids know what it's like to starve, so this is a horrible punishment; it's not fair.
  • Dicey tells Sammy to sit down and eat. Abigail is furious. This is her house, and these kids can't talk back to her like this.
  • Why does it matter? Dicey asks. Are they going to be staying there long term?
  • No, Abigail tells her.
  • And that's the end of that. After all these days, their grandmother still hasn't relented. She won't let them stay, so they're back on their own. Dicey's plan has failed. Bummer.

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