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Homecoming Part 2, Chapter 12

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Part 2, Chapter 12

  • One morning, the kids find Abigail all dressed up. She's going to take the Tillermans into town to register them for school. At least they can learn something until Eunice writes her back to let her know what she plans to do with the kids.
  • The kids take a tour of the school and it's nice. Really nice. Darn.
  • James also mentions some ways that Abigail could earn money on the farm. Maybe she could sell Christmas trees? Or have chickens? Or rent out her fields? Maybe then she wouldn't be so worried about her fixed income. Hint, hint.
  • Inside the school, the guidance counselor says that Dicey will need to go to junior high, while the little ones will be in elementary school together. James will go into an accelerated class in the fifth grade and Sammy will be in the second grade.
  • Maybeth, on the other hand, should probably repeat the second grade again. But the school doesn't like to have siblings in the same grade, so the guidance counselor asks Maybeth if she'd like to be tested for the third grade. She says yes. Remember, speaking to strangers is a big deal for little Maybeth.
  • Dicey wants to stay with Maybeth while she does the test, but Abigail doesn't agree, and she tells Maybeth that she's going to have to face these things on her own. No one can make school easier for her; she has to have the courage to do it.
  • Maybeth agrees and stays behind with her brothers while Abigail and Dicey run errands.
  • Abigail talks to the lady at the grocery store. She wonders if the clerk gets a social security check every month. And has she ever bought a Christmas tree before? The wheels are turning.
  • Back at school, Maybeth has passed her test. Yay and phew.
  • The kids help Abigail carry the grocery bags back to the boat. Sammy asks what the kids should call Abigail, and she tells them that "Gram" will be just fine.
  • Suddenly Dicey remembers that Gram never mailed that letter to Cousin Eunice, and she asks her what the point is in putting it off any longer.
  • Abigail takes the letter out of her purse and Dicey tries one last time. She tells their grandmother that she should let them live with her—she really should.
  • "Would that suit you?" is all Abigail can say.
  • James says that she's the one it didn't suit. But then Abigail tells him that it will, she gives up—they've worn her down and they can stay. Yay.
  • With that, Abigail takes the letter for Eunice and tears it into pieces and tosses them in the air.
  • Then, Dicey decides to push her luck and asks if she can fix up the sailboat in the barn. Maybe Gram could teach her how to sail it?
  • Abigail agrees, then asks the kids if they're ready to go home.
  • You better believe they are.

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