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Homecoming Part 2, Chapter 3

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Part 2, Chapter 3

  • The next morning, Dicey wakes up, but Sammy is already awake.\
  • He says he's had a dream that they got on a bus without him and left him behind, and he asks Dicey to tell him the truth: Why was she trying to leave to go to Crisfield by herself?
  • Dicey decides to spill her guts. She wanted to check things out, but she planned to come back for them. Plus, traveling with three little kids is tough work. She knows she was wrong, though, and that they've done the right thing by staying together.
  • When everyone else wakes up, they head over to the docks to look for Tom and Jerry. The boys are late, but they show up and the Tillermans hop on board for their sailing adventure.
  • Jerry maneuvers the boat out onto the water and Dicey loves it—she's never been sailing before, but she's always adored the water. Maybe, she thinks, the whole world is like an ocean. And Dicey is trying desperately to keep their little dinghy afloat.
  • When the wind dies down and the sailboat slows, Dicey asks if she can steer. Jerry says it's fine and Tom goes below to rest; turns out he doesn't much like sailing after all.
  • Why would Tom come on a sailboat then? Because he has nothing better to do. Plus, Jerry tells Dicey, Tom likes to get him in trouble. But this is fine, because everyone has to rebel now and then, right?
  • They sail on for a while and Jerry asks how old Dicey is. Maybe if she were fourteen or fifteen she'd be girlfriend material, but no matter, she's really good at sailing.
  • Dicey blushes. Most people mistake her for a boy, but here is Jerry thinking she could be someone's girlfriend. How cute.
  • When the boat lands, Tom and Jerry say bye for good and Jerry is a little sad to see the Tillermans go.
  • In the town of St. Michaels, Dicey stops in at a store and does some shopping for dinner. Then they look for a place to sleep near the water, and try to wash their underwear. Got to be a little clean, right?
  • Everyone falls asleep with full bellies as Maybeth sings.

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