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Homecoming Part 2, Chapter 4

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Part 2, Chapter 4

  • The next morning, Dicey and her siblings wake up, eat some fish, and start walking again—another day, another couple miles.
  • As they're on their way, they see a couple kids on a boat who look just like them. Dicey guesses that they look just like any kids out playing during the summer, which is why no one is bothering them. Lucky them.
  • After walking for a while, Dicey stops to buy food and the kids spot a small circus.
  • They're milling around and watching the circus folks set up the tents and attractions when a lady named Claire pops out and tells them to get lost. Did we mention she also has a whip in her hands? Yikes.
  • She threatens to call the police, but just then, the man who owns the circus—Will—stops by and says there's no reason to do that. He escorts the kids out, but is pretty friendly to them as he does it. So that's nice.
  • With that, the Tillermans are on the road again. As they walk, they notice all kinds of farms, some of which have signs saying "Pickers Wanted" out front.
  • Dicey decides that they should try to see if any of those farmers will hire kids to pick fruits and veggies. It's worth a shot since they're almost out of the spending money Dicey set aside, so first thing tomorrow, that's what they'll do.
  • The siblings find a place to camp for the night and Sammy fishes while Dicey starts a fire and cooks up some of the food they bought.
  • As they eat, the kids talk about home. Dicey thinks that they could just keep roaming around like this, but Maybeth wants to find a real home, and James doesn't see much point in wandering. Don't they have to go to school and stuff?
  • They all fall asleep as Dicey sings to them.

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