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Homecoming Part 2, Chapter 7

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Part 2, Chapter 7

  • The kids wake up the next morning and start moving again. Dicey decides to go toward a bigger town just in case Mr. Rudyard tries totrack them down. Safety in numbers.
  • In the big town, James sees a poster for the circus. Then they spot Mr. Rudyard—he's driving around with his dog and obviously looking for the kids.
  • Dicey decides they should make a run for it to the circus since there will be lots of people around. They can get the police if they need help. As the kids get to the circus, Mr. Rudyard spots them running into a tent. The younger three go ahead of Dicey, but she stays outside.
  • Mr. Rudyard steps out of the car with his dog. He's clearly going to sic the dog on her, but just then, over her shoulder, Dicey sees Claire step out with her whip. Oh yeah. Will comes out, too.
  • Mr. Rudyard tells Will and Claire that the Tillermans are his foster kids, and they have to come back to his house with him. Oh these naughty children…
  • But Will isn't buying it, and he demands to see some paperwork from Mr. Rudyard proving the kids belong with him. Mr. Rudyard keeps arguing and even calls Will a not-so-nice name, but then Claire and her trusty whip step in to drive him off.
  • Will talks to the Tillermans and they tell him they're headed to their grandma's in Crisfield. He offers to let the kids hang around for a few days until the circus heads in that direction and he can drop them off in Crisfield personally. Yay.
  • Dicey, James, Maybeth, and Sammy enjoy a blissful few days at the circus, helping out with different jobs. Sammy even gets to be part of Claire's dog act. Adorable.
  • Dicey thinks about their run in with Mr. Rudyard. Maybe the kids aren't as street smart as she thought? They're walking into the unknown with their grandma, too—and what if she's just as bad as Mr. Rudyard?
  • But Dicey decides she can't worry about this stuff. It doesn't do any good, and they'll just have to keep going and see what happens.
  • Though the circus wouldn't be such a bad place to make your home, would it?

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