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Homecoming Abandonment

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Homecoming is the story of the Tillerman siblings lives—lives in which, one by one, the people they love abandon them. First, their dad cuts and runs, then Momma leaves them all by themselves in a strange place. And then, when they try to find a place to stay, no one really wants them. These are some tough realities to swallow when you're still in elementary school, so luckily, these kids are tough as nails and they fight through their hard times, sticking together.. But still, they've got to wonder: Why do the people they love always leave them?

Questions About Abandonment

  1. How come the kids are so sure that Dicey won't leave them? Why do the four of them know they'll have to stick together?
  2. Why are the children so forgiving to Momma after she abandons them? Should they be angrier with her? Why or why not?
  3. What would you do if you were in Dicey's shoes?

Chew on This

Dicey and her siblings weren't just abandoned in that mall parking lot, they're pretty much cast off by everyone they meet—even most strangers.

The Tillermans come out of their experience of abandonment stronger and more united than they were in the beginning.

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