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Homecoming Fear

By Cynthia Voigt

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Four little kids wandering without food, shelter, or adult supervision is a scary thing. Heck, if you weren't clutching the edge of your seat during certain parts of <em>Homecoming </em>(like, say, when they encounter terrible Mr. Rudyard) we're not sure you still have a pulse (see your doctor for help). Dicey and her siblings have a lot of frightening run-ins during their travels, but the biggest fear that engulfs them is not being able to find a place to call home—and this fear drives them to keep searching until they can finally lay it to rest and settle into Abigail's house.

Questions About Fear

  1. Why does Dicey decide to embark on a journey that's so darn scary? Give examples from the text, please.
  2. Is being afraid a good thing sometimes? Why or why not? When do you see it helping the Tillermans? When do you see it harming them?
  3. Would you be afraid if you were in the Tillerman kids' position? Why or why not? What might you be afraid of, and how would you handle these fears?

Chew on This

When it comes to fear, Dicey and Cousin Eunice are total foils for each other.

By the end of the book, the Tillerman kids have learned to conquer their fears of being separated, abandoned, and left without a home.

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