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Homecoming Religion

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Even George Michael knew that you gotta have faith, but some folks take the whole religion thing way off the rails. In Homecoming, Cousin Eunice is a devout Catholic, but instead of using her Christian faith to inspire and care for others, she makes her beliefs into a status symbol to boost her own ego. Since Dicey and her siblings aren't religious, they fail to be impressed. No wonder this home doesn't really work out for them.

Questions About Religion

  1. Do devout religious folks tend to be more inflexible in their thinking? Use the book to support your answer.
  2. Why does Cousin Eunice only take Maybeth to church? Don't the other Tillerman kids need God, too? Or is that not what it's about?
  3. How do you think Dicey and her siblings see God? Use the text to prove your point.

Chew on This

Like mother, like daughter—Aunt Cilla pretended to be rich to seem important, but Eunice pretends to be holy to seem important.

God himself isn't criticized in <em>Homecoming</em>, but religious people who use their faith for selfish reasons are.

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