Study Guide

Homeless Bird Narrator Point of View

By Gloria Whelan

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Narrator Point of View

First Person (Central)

Throughout Homeless Bird, we are right alongside Koly as she goes through life, learning exactly what she thinks about everyone she meets. Check out her reaction to Chandra asking her to lay a garland on Hari if something happens:

I shuddered as I realized what she meant. (3.4)

It's a short and sweet sentence, but notice how we hear both what happens (Koly realizes what Chandra means) and how she feels about it (not good, hence the shutter) all in Koly's own voice (that's what the whole I business is about). We spend this story inside Koly's head, which helps us really understand her character and experience. On the flipside, though, because we spend our time cruising around in Koly's brain, we never know what other people are thinking. We just have to take Koly's word for everything.

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