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Hoot Tone

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Snarky; Passionate

Now, we know that Roy is a good kid (saving owls and all) but when he gets in trouble for punching Dana in the face, he's less than compliant. In defending himself, Roy sarcastically remarks,

"I always pick the biggest, meanest kid on the bus and punch him in the face, just for fun." (2.37)

But better than that is when Miss Hennepin instructs Roy to write Dana an apology note and he replies,

"Okay [...] but who's going to help him read it?" (2.69)

Ten points to Gryffindor—er—Roy!

But Roy isn't just witty. He's also has a burning desire to do right. After the hospital incident where Mullet Fingers borrows Roy's name, Roy's mom talks with him about how what they did is still considered lying. But Roy knows that Mullet Fingers was in really bad shape and boldly confesses,

"Maybe what I did was wrong, but I'd do it all over again if I had to." (13.90)

And that same passion comes out when Roy tells his classmates about the owls living on the construction site. By taking a stand against something that is "just plain wrong", Roy becomes just like the "ordinary Americans who made history because they got up and fought for something they believed in" (18.190). If you don't get goose bumps from his speech, we recommend getting your pulse checked.

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