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Leroy "Curly" Branitt in Hoot

By Carl Hiaasen

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Leroy "Curly" Branitt

Don't be deceived. Unlike Mullet Fingers, Curly's name is totally deceiving: Curly is "bald as a beach ball" (1.20).

Curly takes his job (supervising engineer of the construction site) very seriously. Which doesn't make it easy for him when things keep going wrong and Chuck Muckle chews him out for all the shenanigans that have been happening. So it's understandable when Curly takes most of the credit for catching Dana (the assumed vandal).

Curly is also well aware of the owls making the construction site their home—or, actually, that the construction site makes the burrowing owl's field their home—even though he tells Delinko he "ain't never seen one, officially speakin'" (1.51).

When Delinko voices his concern for the owls, Curly simply dismisses it. It looks like he doesn't care what happens.

But we don't think that's the case. Curly seems to already know that the situation is out of his hands since Mother Paula's (and Chuck Muckle) are the ones calling all the shots. Unlike Roy and Mullet Fingers, Curly feels powerless against the pancake company. So he just tries to do his job as best he can and tries to forget that those cute little owls are living on the property.

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