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Garrett in Hoot

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Garrett is Roy's first friend at Trace Middle School—he's sort of like the Robin to Roy's Batman. He's always looking out for Roy, especially when word about Roy punching Dana starts circulating at school. Garrett is the first one Roy calls on to find out information on Beatrice and to acquire Dana's home address from one of the school offices. He's also shows up at the groundbreaking ceremony to support Roy (and, bonus, also to ditch school).

Garrett is basically a stand-up, friendly little dude.

How do we know? Well, he plops down next to Roy at lunch and tries to become friends with him. That's a pretty nice thing to do…especially since Garrett is popular. Plus, being a class clown and professional fart noise-maker, we know he enjoys making other people laugh.

So, it's not a surprise at all when Garrett supports Roy at the groundbreaking ceremony. Or when he makes an epic fake fart that leaves Lonna Leep appalled. (Classic Garrett.)

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