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Hoot Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Turns out that Beatrice is the one who had saved Roy from Dana and now Roy is on the handlebars of a bike Beatrice stole.
  • The two of them are en route to Roy's house. Something is definitely not right.
  • Beatrice tells Roy that he needs to pick up bandages and stuff from his house.
  • Roy's mother is home when they arrive and Beatrice immediately begins to sweet-talk her. Meanwhile, Roy is able to get the medical supplies and his mother offers two pounds of ground beef for their "science experiment" cover story.
  • During their bike ride, Beatrice shares bits and pieces of her family situation with Roy.
  • Beatrice's dad married Mullet Finger's mom who would frequently send her son to military schools to "normalize" him (10.50). But Beatrice and her brother formed a strong bond.
  • So when Mullet Fingers snuck back to Coconut Cove, Beatrice was the only one he told.
  • This is also why she was so protective when Roy started snooping around.
  • But now she needs him because Mullet Fingers is hurt.
  • His arm was bitten by a dog when it got stuck in a fence (hmm...dogs and fences, that sounds familiar).
  • Mullet Fingers asks about the ground beef and Beatrice confirms that they have it.
  • Roy and Beatrice meet Mullet Fingers at the Mother Paula's construction site.
  • Sensing that there's a connection, Roy asks Beatrice if this has to do with all the vandalism that has recently happened at the site.
  • He won't get them to talk that easily. Both Beatrice and Mullet Fingers avoid answering the questions but tell Roy that Mullet Fingers got bit when he was putting snakes through the fence.
  • But no need to be alarmed. He taped their mouths shut and glued glitter to their tails so they could be easily spotted and unable to hurt anyone.
  • Roy still doesn't understand why Mullet Fingers is going through all this trouble to stop construction on the pancake house.
  • Finally Beatrice tells Mullet Fingers to show him.
  • Mullet Fingers takes the ground beef and begins making small little meatballs. He places these little balls of deliciousness all throughout the property near the owl holes.
  • When all the meatballs are set, the three of them watch as a tiny little owl comes out of the hole.
  • And now Roy gets it.

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