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Hoot Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Delinko drives by the Mother Paula's construction site multiple times a day now. It's kind of his "thing". And the only new activity he sees is the dog-trainer, Kalo, running after his pooches.
  • However, later on in the day Delinko returns, expecting to see the dogs again, only this time they're not there.
  • Instead, he sees one of the burrowing owls.
  • More importantly though, he sees a small piece of green fabric hanging off of the fence. He thinks that's a clue. Delinko retrieves it and carefully puts it in his pocket. Savin' that one for later.
  • Sound the alarm. Something is seriously wrong with Mullet Fingers and Beatrice is speeding off on the bike with him on the handles and Roy running behind them.
  • The dog bites are making Mullet Fingers really ill and Roy thinks they should bring him to the hospital or tell his mother. But nope— Beatrice says he'll have none of that.
  • Roy sees a police car and begins to flag it down. This is the last thing Beatrice wants him to do.
  • She drops the bike and runs off with her brother.
  • Roy makes the quick decision to ditch the cop and follow after Beatrice and Mullet Fingers. He finds them under a tree and Beatrice sullenly asks him, "What are we gonna do now, cowgirl?" (11.38).
  • Curly decides to spend the night at the construction site—and just like anyone who is forced to work overtime, he's less than excited about that.
  • But he hunkers down in the trailer, ready to spend a night watching TV and hopefully remaining unharmed by any snakes that might have stuck around.
  • Curly's night goes from bad to worse when the cable goes out and he's left thinking about lingering snakes crawling into his trailer.
  • Then he hears a rustling sounds and grabs his gun to investigate.
  • Kicking open the bathroom door, he fires off a quick shot.
  • On a positive note, there aren't any snakes in the bathroom. But on the flipside, Curly shot the toilet.
  • Roy's parents are both home when Delinko decides to drop them a line.
  • He tells the Eberhardts about how he was just flagged down by a boy who had a striking resemblance to Roy, and who was with two other kids. Stranger, yet, was when they all ran off.
  • Delinko brings Roy's parents out to his car and shows them the bike that was left behind.
  • Uh oh. Mrs. Eberhardt recognizes it as the one Beatrice had earlier. However she doesn't get a chance to say anything.
  • Instead, the phone rings from inside and she goes to answer it.
  • Soon after she is interrupting Delinko's conversation with Mr. Eberhardt and rushing out of the house.
  • The phone call came from the emergency room saying that Roy had been hurt.

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