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Hoot Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Roy and Beatrice are waiting in the emergency room when Dr. Gonzalez approaches them with some questions.
  • The doctor isn't believing their explanation of how "Roy" (really Mullet Fingers) got injured and says, "you two might want to polish up your story" (12.43).
  • Beatrice eventually leaves to go make dinner for her father so he doesn't suspect anything is wrong.
  • Before she goes, Roy asks her to tell him Mullet Finger's real name.
  • No can do. Beatrice made a promise to Mullet Fingers that she'd never tell.
  • So now, Roy is left sitting alone in the waiting room just...waiting.
  • He walks around for a bit and upon returning to the waiting area, hears some familiar voices sounding worried.
  • Roy makes a quick decision and goes through the doors alerting his parents (the familiar voices) that he's unharmed.
  • Delinko brings Roy's parents to the hospital after Mrs. Eberhardt announces that the emergency room called.
  • Mr. Eberhardt demands to see Roy despite the receptionist saying they can't.
  • Eventually Dr. Gonzalez interrupts the argument and leads Roy's parents into the room to see "Roy".
  • But when they pull open the curtains, the bed is empty. No Roy. No Mullet Fingers.
  • This causes quite the commotion.
  • So when the real Roy busts through the doors to reveal himself to be okay, everyone is confused.
  • Roy confesses to his parents and the doctor that he wasn't the one who really got bit by the dogs.
  • And Dr. Gonzalez points out that they still have a missing patient to find.
  • The adults try to get more information out of Roy but thanks to Beatrice's promise to her brother, Roy doesn't know anything about Mullet Fingers.
  • For once, Roy is able to tell the truth.

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