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Hoot Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Sunday lunch at the Eberhardt household gets interrupted with a visitor for Roy.
  • Outside is Garrett excitedly tells him that Dana was arrested the night before.
  • Of course, Roy already knows this, but plays along anyway.
  • Garrett gives Roy all the information on Dana's bust and Roy is happy to not have to worry about Dana anymore.
  • That same morning, Curly realizes that he misplaced his gun during his scuffle with the fake Roy (a.k.a. Dana) the night before.
  • Curly goes back to the construction site and retraces his steps in hopes to find his missing gun.
  • During his search Curly notices that all the seats from the construction machines are missing. Ugh. This will mean another unpleasant phone call with Chuck Muckle.
  • Curly goes to relieve himself in one of the porta-potties and uses his flashlight to check that the tank is free from any alligators.
  • While he doesn't spot any alligators, he does see something else in the tank. His gun.
  • While Roy wants to check on the construction site to see what Mullet Fingers did the night before, Roy's mother makes him spend the day with his parents.
  • But he doesn't mind because he actually has a lot of fun going on an airboat ride.
  • Roy sees the wildlife side of Florida, which reminds him of Montana.
  • When the Eberhardts return home, they find a message from Officer Delinko on their answering machine telling saying that the police have a suspect in the vandalism case. Even better, it's not Mullet Fingers.
  • Roy also asks his father how he can check to see if Mother Paula's has the correct paperwork for the construction site and Mr. Eberhardt points him in the direction of the building department in city hall.
  • While he's trying to get to sleep, Roy hears someone whisper his name.
  • At first he thinks he's just dreaming but then, wide awake, he learns that it's Beatrice…who has been hiding out under his bed since the afternoon.
  • Beatrice explains how things are hectic at home and doesn't know where else to go.
  • Roy says she can stay the night.
  • The two of them talk about Mullet Fingers and what he might have planned next. But Roy voices his concern about how it can't continue on forever.
  • Beatrice says they won't be able to stop him.
  • That leave only one option…and Roy announces that they'll just have to join him.

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