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Hoot Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Curly explains to Chuck Muckle the incidents of the night before. But Chuck points out how the vandalism of the seats happened after the suspect for the other crimes was arrested. Obviously he is less than pleased to hear these new developments.
  • The construction will inevitably be delayed again until Wednesday when the order for new seats come in.
  • To avoid any more setbacks, Chuck decides Wednesday will be the groundbreaking ceremony. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  • All Curly has to do is make sure nothing happens to the construction site until then. Easy, right?
  • Wakey, wakey, eggs and bac-y! Beatrice has already left the Eberhardt residence by the time Roy wakes up.
  • At breakfast, Roy sees that the morning paper tells all about Dana's arrest. He plays it cool to keep from making himself look suspicious.
  • Roy searches for Beatrice all day at school but doesn't see her. Finally one of her teammates tells Roy that she's at the dentist getting a broken tooth fixed. Apparently she broke it after falling down.
  • Roy finds this hard to believe, and so do we.
  • Delinko's police captain is happy to have an arrest for the Mother Paula's construction site crimes.
  • But Officer Delinko confesses that Dana's interrogation isn't going as well as he'd hope.
  • Plus, Dana's past crimes on his record don't match up to the ones done at Mother Paula's.
  • The police captain says this is all they have so it's what they're going it.
  • And now all Delinko has to do is make sure nothing happens at the construction site until Wednesday's groundbreaking.
  • This means twelve-hour shifts and buckets of coffee for Officer Delinko.
  • On his way home, Delinko stops by the juvenile detention center to visit Dana.
  • He tries talking to Dana but it isn't very productive. Because let's be honest, he's trying to talk to Dana.
  • But right before leaving, Delinko tosses a small rubber alligator at Dana; who subsequently jumps up screaming.
  • This confirms Delinko's suspicions that the real Mother Paula's vandal is still at large.
  • Roy bikes himself to city hall to visit the building-and-zoning department.
  • He tells the clerk he's doing a school project and would like to see the construction permits for Mother Paula's.
  • Oddly enough, that file isn't there and seems to be checked out.
  • Roy says he'll check back the next day and rides off to see Mullet Fingers.
  • Except he's not at the junkyard. Interesting.
  • So the next logical place for Roy to go is the construction site. He swings by Mother Paula's and views the latest product of Mullet Fingers: the missing seats on the bulldozers.
  • Roy proceeds to dump a container of crickets beyond the fence for the owls to feast on.
  • But he's caught by Curly, who's furious to see yet another intruder on the site.
  • Roy tries to explain that he's only feeding the owls, which Curly claims do not exist on the property.
  • The two argue back and forth about the owls until Roy bikes off, confident that he is right.

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