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Hoot Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • The night before the groundbreaking, Delinko confesses to Curly that he's worried about what will happen to the owls.
  • Curly continues to play up the whole, "What owls?" gig but then tells Delinko to just forget about them.
  • Around midnight Curly hears something but when checking the area Delinko only finds some possum tracks.
  • But not long after, the police officer sees three flashes of light from across the property.
  • Delinko thinks it's some heat lighting and thinks nothing of it.
  • Roy asks his parents if he could leave school at lunch so he could go to the Mother Paula's groundbreaking.
  • Mr. Eberhardt is happy to write Roy a note but makes him promise to behave and be smart.
  • Roy meets up with Beatrice at school (she has her note, too) and she tells him that Mullet Fingers got the picture Roy wanted. But instead of looking at the pictures right then and there, Roy stashes the camera in his locker.
  • At 10:45am, a limo brings Chuck Muckle and crew to the construction site for the groundbreaking.
  • Curly gets star struck meeting the actress who plays Mother Paula in all the commercials. And he has the exact opposite reaction when meeting Chuck Muckle face-to-face.
  • While the actress is freshening up, Chuck takes the opportunity to ask Curly if everything is set for the groundbreaking. He also asks Delinko if he's the officer who fell asleep on the job. (It's gonna be hard for Delinko to live that one down.)
  • Curly immediately confirms Chuck's question but then adds that Delinko also helped with arresting the vandal.
  • Delinko is just about to correct Curly's memory of who really caught the culprit, when the actress emerges from the bathroom and asks someone to fetch her things from the limo so she can get into character.

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