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Hoot Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • The weekend is pretty quiet for Roy after the golf ball incident. And he is not looking forward to school on Monday (mostly out of fear for what Dana is going to do).
  • But Garrett informs Roy that Dana has called out sick. Hmm...curious.
  • Now, all throughout school rumor has it that Roy is all rough and tumble. He isn't particularly fond of his new reputation.
  • Roy takes this opportunity to find out about the blond girl who told him to stop snooping around. We find out her name is Beatrice Leep and she is not to be messed with.
  • Delinko is excited about his first morning at the construction site. He wakes up super early and arrives while it's still dark outside.
  • While checking out the property, he stumbles upon some of the burrowing owls.
  • It's quite the sight to see. But he doesn't gawk for too long and ends up back in his patrol car.
  • Unfortunately, he forgets to bring some coffee and ends up taking a quick little snooze.
  • Only it turns out to not be that quick.
  • Delinko wakes up to noises from his dispatcher's radio and Curly knocking on his door. But for some reason all he sees is darkness when he opens his eyes.
  • That's because all of the windows of his patrol car are covered in black spray paint.
  • Back at Trace Middle School, Roy decides to confront Beatrice and walks right up to her at lunchtime.
  • He wants to handle things civilly and tells her so in front of her friends and teammates. She's essentially stunned into silence.
  • Roy's gutsy streak doesn't end there. After school Roy stops by Dana's house to hand deliver the apology note that he was ordered to write. And lucky Roy gets to meet Dana's mom who seems just as lovely as Dana.

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