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Hoot Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Roy sneaks out of the house while his mother is on the phone with his father talking about the school bus confrontation (and how the school is afraid Dana's family will sue so they're not punishing Dana).
  • He bikes to the golf course where he got hit and runs through the trees and into the woods.
  • Stumbling down a slope, Roy finds remains of a campfire surrounded with footprints.
  • He also finds three mysterious garbage bags. One is filled with normal trash (not surprising), the second has some boys' clothes in it (not really that surprising), and the third is packed with...snakes (surprising!).
  • Good news: Roy is able to identify the type of snake. Bad news: they're super-poisonous.
  • Suddenly, Roy hears a voice behind him telling him not to move.
  • This isn't hard for Roy to do since he had a lot of practice back in Montana on a school trip. Attempting to play a prank on the field trip, Roy accidentally stumbled upon a grizzly bear and her cubs. By becoming as still as a statue, Roy remained unharmed by the bear.
  • So, he knows how to not move around these snakes.
  • The voice tells him to step back on the count of three—hesitantly, Roy obliges.
  • But then the boy throws a hood over Roy's head and ties his wrists to a tree. Whoa, not cool.
  • The boy is naturally suspicious of Roy and asks what is going on. Roy says how he saw the boy running and got curious. The boy tries to deny it and says he'll lead Roy out of the woods.
  • Roy attempts to engage in some chit-chat about snakes. Apparently, these particular snakes are going to be attending a party. (Not sure if we'd want to be invited to that one…)
  • By the time the two boys get back to the golf course, Roy asks the strange boy's name.
  • Whelp, he doesn't have one.
  • Roy pries some more. The boy says that he's been called Mullet Fingers. And when Roy asks questions about where he lives and his family, Mullet Fingers whops him on the head and tells him to chill with all the questions.
  • He gives Roy instructions to not turn around until he counts to fifty. But by the time Roy reaches fifty, the boy is gone. We kinda saw that one coming.
  • Not deterred by their odd meeting, Roy sets off for home feeling excited about his adventure.

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