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Hoot Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • In the next few days, Roy sticks to the promise he made Beatrice and doesn't go looking for Mullet Fingers. It helps that his main mode of transportation (his bike) is in the shop getting a flat fixed.
  • After school on Thursday, Roy's mother tells him that she made some calls and got him back on the bus before his suspension was up. He's not overly excited but knows he has to face the music at some point.
  • Curly is getting an earful from Chuck Muckle, the Vice President of Corporate Relations for Mother Paula's.
  • Basically Chuck says that if there are any more incidents, it's going to cost Curly his job. Chucks suggests getting some ferocious guard dogs.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony can't be pushed back any further because the actress who plays Mother Paula in all the advertisements is about to start shooting a movie and won't be able to reschedule.
  • After the phone call with Chuck, Curly immediately orders a chained fence and a guard dogs with a trainer.
  • Kalo, the dog trainer, arrives with four Rottweilers (the Chihuahuas were busy) and Curly leaves for the night confident that no one will dare try to trespass on the property.
  • Now it's Roy's first day back on the bus. He knows that all eyes will be on him.
  • Dana sneaks up behind Roy just as expected. Dana's face seems to be getting better, except Roy notices a new gash on his lip that Roy is sure he didn't cause.
  • And it doesn't take long before Dana is beating up on Roy. But Roy isn't taking it all lying down. While he isn't physically fighting back, Roy is definitely using his wits to stand up for himself.
  • Dana gets a few good knocks in but after one bus stop, the beatings stop.
  • That's because Beatrice is now sitting next to Roy.

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