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Hoot Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Everyone is giving Roy the stank-eye at school.
  • Garrett tells Roy to leave school early because word on the street is that Dana is going to come and get him before school lets out.
  • Roy thinks of his options: avoiding Dana all year, telling Ms. Hennepin, telling his parents, or profusely apologizing to Dana (again).
  • Or he could fight back.
  • But being an only child, Roy never wants to put himself in any danger that will worry his parents.
  • At the end of the day, Roy takes his time getting to the bus area, hoping to elude Dana. Good idea, bad execution.
  • Unfortunately, Roy never makes it to the bus.
  • Curly is on the phone with Chuck again talking about the newest incident at the construction site.
  • It wasn't reported to the police so there'll be no bad press about Mother Paula's.
  • What happened was the dogs that Curly had hired were going crazy and Kalo was chasing after them.
  • Kalo informs Curly that the site was infested with snakes—and not just any snakes: poisonous snakes.
  • Curly doesn't know why or how the snakes showed up but Kalo and his dogs are out of there anyway.
  • Curly ends up calling the reptile wrangler who got rid of the alligators but when he arrives there are no snakes to be found.
  • After hearing this whole story, Chuck Muckle commands that Curly begin bulldozing the property.
  • Roy had been pulled inside the janitor's closet and is now dodging Dana in the darkness.
  • He gets to the door and opens it but Dana is quick and pulls him back in.
  • Dana has Roy locked in his grips and he starts to think this is the end and that Dana is going to kill him.
  • But then the janitor's door swings open and someone pulls Dana off of him.
  • When Roy gets to the light switch, no one is there. Not even Dana.

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