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Hoot Contrasting Regions: Montana versus Florida

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Contrasting Regions: Montana versus Florida

One thing that Roy is certainly not shy about is how much he loooves Montana. Around every corner there is something about Florida that he's comparing to his old home—the lack of mountains, the lack of cold weather, and the lack of blue alpine streams.

But even Roy admits that missing Montana all the time keeps him from exploring how great Florida is. The climate and geological differences between the two states also supports the change that Roy makes over the course of the book. In the beginning, he dreams of becoming a bull riding cowboy…while at the end he becomes determined to catch mullets with his bare hands.

Questions About Contrasting Regions: Montana versus Florida

  1. Other than Montana, what other geographical location would provide good contrast for Florida?
  2. Are there any similarities between Montana and Florida?
  3. How does Roy's loyalty to Montana hold him back from fully experiencing Florida?
  4. If Roy moved again, do you think he'd miss Florida as much as he missed Montana?

Chew on This

What Roy loves most about Montana is the same thing that he learns to love about Florida: the environment.

Aside from simply living in a new place, Roy has to adapt to some pretty significant environmental changes he encounters in Florida.

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