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Hoot Education / Cunning and Cleverness

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Education / Cunning and Cleverness

Hoot knows that getting your learn on is super-valuable. But it also knows that education occurs both in and outside of the classroom.

Our two models on the education spectrum are Mullet Fingers (who denounces the need for it) and Roy (who has the whole "be cool, stay in school" thing on lockdown). There is also a great contrast between how Roy and Mullet Fingers go about trying to help the owls. While Mullet Fingers vandalizes the construction site, Roy educates himself and others on the situation.

But it's worth pointing out that without Mullet Fingers' know-how about the burrowing owls, Roy wouldn't know the first thing about them.

Questions About Education / Cunning and Cleverness

  1. How does Roy's education help him in saving the owls? How does Mullet Fingers' cleverness help him?
  2. Does Roy exhibit any cleverness? How so?
  3. Would Officer Delinko make a good detective? Why or why not?

Chew on This

The plan to save the owls shifts when Roy spreads the word and educates the public on the issue.

Roy proactively does independent research on the burrowing owls in order to not only learn more about them, but to ultimately learn how to save them.

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