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Hoot Family

By Carl Hiaasen

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The good, the bad, and the Mathersons. We get all sorts of families with Hoot—and some are definitely better than others.

The three main examples of families are the Eberhardts, the Leeps, and the Mathersons, each with their varying degrees of stability. Obviously the Eberhardts are fantastic and do a wonderful job of raising Roy. The Leeps aren't that great with Lonna not wanting her son and Leon not getting off the couch to be an active parent. And the Mathersons don't really seem to have an adequate strategy—or any strategy—when it comes to disciplining Dana.

Questions About Family

  1. How does Lonna Leep's reaction to the demonstration differ from the Eberhardts?
  2. How do Roy's parents help him throughout the book?
  3. Why do you think Beatrice stays at home while Mullet Fingers runs away?
  4. If there were a book that focused on the Matherson family dynamic, what would you expect to read?

Chew on This

The actions of Roy, Mullet Fingers, and Dana are reflections of the parenting styles of their respective families.

Despite being step-siblings, Beatrice and Mullet Fingers transcend the traditional family paradigm.

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