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Hoot Identity

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What's an owl's favorite question?

Hoo are you?

Sorry. We couldn't get through a guide on Hoot without at least one lame owl joke.

But ask that same question to Roy throughout the book and you're sure to get a different answer each time. The new kid? An outlaw? Tex?

By comparison, Delinko thinks he knows exactly who he is and who he wants to be: current police officer and future detective (once he nabs the Mother Paula's vandal). But both of them are changed once they "meet" the burrowing owls. Not only are their priorities shifted around but they start acting for the owls instead of themselves, which has quite the affect on how we view them.

Questions About Identity

  1. How does Roy step out of his comfort zone?
  2. How is Roy a different person at the end of Hoot than he was at the beginning?
  3. Why does Roy relate more to Mullet Fingers after the airboat ride?
  4. If Roy moved again, do you think he say he was from Florida or Montana?

Chew on This

Despite touting himself as being shy and not wanting to stand out, Roy consistently proves himself wrong by speaking out in defense of himself and the owls.

All Delinko wants to do is catch the Mother Paula's vandal and be one step closer to being a detective, but his conscience eats at him once he discovers the fate of the owls if he's successful.

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