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Hope Was Here Tulip

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What kind of mother names her daughter Tulip? Our first thoughts turn to a free-loving hippie reveling in the 1960s spirit of Woodstock, but perhaps it's a mother with a message to share.

Hope simply can't understand how Deena chose such a name for "a two-pound baby all wired up in a hospital box," but that's because Hope never shopped for flowers online. One glance at the FTD® website explains it all. Tulips symbolize everything from friendship to forgiveness; it all depends upon the color. Generally speaking, though, the pretty flowers represent love; some would even say "perfect love."

It's easy to side with Hope on this one. Abandoning your sick infant days after she's born doesn't exactly scream out "perfect love." But Deena is a woman full of contradictions and her "say it with flowers" message actually makes sense in a weird kind of way. Deena knows she'll be a terrible mother and because she loves Tulip/Hope, she leaves the sickly baby with someone who will take care of her the way a good mother should.

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