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Cecelia Culpepper in Hope Was Here

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Cecelia Culpepper

Cecelia Culpepper, editor of the town's newspaper, the Mulhoney Messenger, uses the power of the press to spread the good word about G.T. (by publishing letters of support written by the teens in town) and the bad word about Millstone (by writing an editorial in which she demands the Mayor prove that the Real Fresh Dairy paid its taxes).

Culpepper isn't immune from Millstone's evil ways, though. Right after the paper runs G.T.'s message to the Mayor stating that he "[...] will not be silent" about Millstone's use of "[...] lies and dirty tricks" (100), the Real Fresh Dairy pulls all of its advertising from the Messenger and some of the smaller businesses in town follow suit.

Coincidence? We don't think so.

Despite the big hit on the newspaper's revenue, the Messenger packs a mighty punch with its front-page coverage of Braverman's attack. Millstone never admits the truth, but his resignation as Mulhoney's mayor says it all for him.

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