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Hope Was Here Friendship

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Miriam Lahey, one of my two best friends, had given me a NEW YORK FOREVER T-shirt as a good-bye present and said solemnly, "There's a lot of cheese where you're going, Hope. I'm not sure how this affects people long-term. Wear this shirt and remember who you are." (5)

It's easy to see why Hope and Miriam became quick friends back in Brooklyn; they share the art and joy of subtle sarcasm. Btw, here's how it affects people long-term.

Harrison Beckworth-McCoy, my best male friend at school, always said that was the thing he liked most about me. (8)

Harrison is referring to Hope's outlook on life: that it's a lot easier to bounce back from the tough times if you expect there to be nothing but tough times. He's rather insightful himself; he tells Hope that he'll miss her but he won't lose her, foreshadowing Hope's experience with her future father.

Insightful, hardworking 16-year-old girl, emotionally generous and witty, seeks friend/ pal/ chum to while away meaningful hours. Picky eaters need not reply. (11)

Hope doesn't know how long she'll be in her new home, so she fantasizes about some quick and efficient way to get some new buddies. Foodies are a plus.

Eighth grade. Pensacola, Florida. Day one. I stand on the basketball court and shout, "Look, does anyone here want to be my friend?" Two kids come forward. (12)

After years of always being the new kid at school, Hope's got the whole friendship thing down to a science. She knows there's no time to slowly build friendships so she cuts right to the chase. Sounds like the middle school version of speed-dating.

"We need to help G.T. get this petition signed. There's a bunch of us going out tomorrow to start."

A creaking door of friendship was opening. (45)

The quiet, private Braverman is indirectly inviting Hope to join him. If you're the shyer type, sometimes it's easier to begin a friendship when you have an activity to focus on.

"He doesn't walk out on me when I overcook a steak and I don't walk out on him when his sermons get too long." (71)

G.T. over-simplifies the bond between him and his good friend Pastor Hall. Still, it's a good deal. The two men have each other's backs no matter what.

Jillian and I were becoming good friends. She had a passionate relationship with her computer, which connected her to the outside world. She didn't expect life to be easy either, and avoided giggliness, which I really appreciated. (91)

During the ride from Brooklyn to Mulhoney, Hope dreams up a personal ad for finding friends with whom she can spend "meaningful hours." Jillian fits the bill perfectly and is just about as serious as Hope is.

There's this guy that I told you about beforeā€”I'm kind of interested in him, except we work together and we're really just friends. Sometimes I think he likes me and other times I don't think he does and I'm finding the whole thing really irritating. (127)

Can you be just friends and have it morph into something more? By this time, we're pretty sure that Hope doesn't think of Braverman just as a friend.

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