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Hope Was Here Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • G.T. and Hope set off for a day of campaigning. First: the Wisconsin Cheese Company. G.T. casts his charm over the crowd and before long they're all chanting support.
  • Second stop: the train terminal. It's here that Hope notices just how weak and tired G.T. is.
  • G.T. asks Hope what her mom is like. She explains that she's a really good waitress but a really bad parent.
  • Hope gets teary-eyed when G.T. tells her that he thinks her mother's missing out not knowing her as a daughter.
  • Next stop: the Tick Tock Clock Shop, where G.T. meets with a small group of cancer survivors. It's here that Hope notices just how pale and thin G.T.'s face is.
  • Last stop: Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church. G.T. tells the group of bingo players that together they can change the world. One lady looks at G.T. and tells him he doesn't look well at all.
  • When G.T. asks Hope if he really looks that bad, she tells him he looks like a cold pate of fried eggs.

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