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Hope Was Here Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • They get back to the dinner at 8:45 that night. G.T.'s exhausted and heads upstairs to his apartment but not before thanking Hope for her good company.
  • Hope walks into the kitchen and is surprised to see Addie, not Braverman, working the grill.
  • As Hope's sharing some of the highlights of her day, Addie interrupts with news about Braverman. He'd been beaten up—a few broken ribs, a gash above his eye—but is going to be okay.
  • Addie's mad. She thinks it's more than a coincidence that the attack occurred on the one day that Deputy Babcock was out of town.
  • Hope calls Braverman's house but his mother says he's asleep.
  • She calls Jillian next and starts sobbing at the sound of her friend's voice.
  • Hope's puzzled by her own reaction—she's not one to cry—but it makes perfect sense to Jillian.
  • Hope really cares about Braverman. Deep down, Hope knows that Jillian's right, but it's not what she wants to hear at that moment.
  • The next morning Hope shows up at Braverman's house just as G.T.'s leaving. He warns her that Braverman looks pretty beat up.
  • Braverman's little sisters announce her arrival by saying, "Eddie, your girlfriend's here" (118). (Who the heck is Eddie?)
  • Hope feels terrible for him. His face is bloated and he's sporting a bandage over one eye.
  • He admits that he got so angry during the attack that had he been able to break free, he might have killed one of the guys who jumped him.
  • The anger's still there and it's scaring him.
  • More and more teenagers volunteer for G.T.'s campaign after hearing about Braverman's ordeal.
  • G.T. demands a full investigation into the crime and he wants Deputy Babcock to handle it. When Sheriff Greebs says that he'll be working the case, not Babcock, G.T. expresses his doubt that the truth will be revealed.
  • Braverman's article, "A Political Lesson," makes the front page of the Mulhoney Messenger. He says the attack has made him even more determined to find out about the corruption going on in the town.

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