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Hope Was Here Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Hope's signature sandwich, the "Keep Hoping," becomes an instant hit at the diner.
  • G.T. learns that his cancer is in remission and is so happy that he asks Addie to marry him. Addie teases him that he doesn't need anything to add to his busy schedule. Translation: "Yes, I'll marry you."
  • Brenda Babcock arrests the guys who burglarized Adam's house—the Carbinger brothers. Sheriff Greebs releases the Carbingers for lack of evidence.
  • Babcock presents the evidence. The Carbingers admitted to taking bribes from the Real Fresh Dairy to frighten anyone who opposed Millstone.
  • They also admitted that Greebs had been paid off to look the other way during the burglaries.
  • Greebs denies everything. Mayor Millstone says it was all a trick by the opposition to hurt his campaign.
  • G.T.'s slightly ahead in the polls until Millstone's people take to the airwaves and spread lies about G.T.'s health. They claim the leukemia has spread to G.T.'s brain and that he doesn't have long to live.
  • G.T.'s neck-and-neck with Millstone on Election Day. The Students for Stoop goes into overdrive trying to get as many last-minute supporters as possible.
  • When the polls close for the evening, they head to the diner to wait for the final results.
  • Disappointment sets in when they learn that Millstone won the 114 votes.

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