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Hope Was Here Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Everyone's hurting from the loss and is having a hard time believing that Millstone beat G.T. fair and square.
  • Sid Vole even asks the governor of Wisconsin to see if anyone had tampered with the votes, but the answer is "no."
  • Hope's history teacher gets a copy of the voting statistics from the election. Hope is thrilled to find out that Mr. Woldenburg, the one customer at the diner who absolutely refused to even sign the petition, is on the list of voters.
  • Hope runs into Mr. Woldenburg at the grocery store and tells him how glad she is that both he and his wife voted. He looks at Hope likes she's crazy and tells her that he didn't vote or even register, and neither did his wife.
  • Hope asks if he'd tell that to the Election Board.
  • The Election Board workers go door-to-door in Mulhoney to check every registered voter's vote. against whether they actually voted or not. It turns out that 120 of them had never even registered.
  • Braverman and Adam lead a student protest against dishonest government outside Town Hall. They tell Millstone that they're done with his lies and want him out of office.
  • Adam leads the group in a never-ending round of chants.
  • As the sun's beginning to rise the next morning, the mayor's spokesperson appears in front of the crowd with a message from the mayor: he's decided to resign. The crowd goes wild.
  • G.T. gets sworn into office a few weeks later. Snow begins to fall while Al B. Hall is offering a prayer.

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