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Hope Was Here Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • G.T. waste no time taking action now that he's the mayor.
  • Brenda Babcock becomes the new sheriff, the Real Fresh Dairy is forced to pay the back taxes it owes the town, and he and Addie get married.
  • Addie insists on cooking all the food for the reception. It's one week before the big day and she's in full panic mode preparing a four-course dinner for over 100 guests.
  • When Hope suggests that Addie stop searching for mushrooms for the dinner and start looking for a wedding dress instead, Addie wonders why Hope would think her dress is more important than her sauce. What were you thinking, Hope???
  • G.T. and Addie take a three-day honeymoon to Milwaukee. Upon their return to the diner, Addie tells Braverman she wants to try out the new recipe she dreamed up for veal shank and G.T. tells Hope that he wants to officially become her father by adopting her.
  • Hope pulls out the huge pile of scrapbooks she's kept over the years and asks G.T. if he wants the short or long version of her life tour.
  • G.T. doesn't want to miss a thing. Those are the words she's always wanted to hear from the dad who's finally found her.
  • They pore over the scrapbooks for a long, long time.
  • When they're finished, G.T. brings over two saplings he and Addie had received as a wedding gift from Pastor Hall.
  • With his Swiss Army knife, he cuts a branch off of each tree and then ties them together with string. He tells Hope that although they started from different trees, they'll grow together.
  • Part of Hope fears that the the grafting won't take, but within a month the two branches have grown into one another just like G.T. said they would.
  • G.T. proves to be a real dad to Hope by being there for her every single day.
  • He proves to be a pretty effective mayor, too. He gets the Dairy to pay its back taxes and uses the money to fix buildings and create community programs.
  • Under his leadership, a group of teens (Hope included) start mowing lawns and painting houses at no charge for people who need it. The kids quickly learn that anyone can be a true leader as long as he or she is a good person.

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