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Hope Was Here Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • The next morning Hope and Addie go downstairs to the diner and find G.T working the grill, doing tricks with the cooking tools, and joking around with the customers. He doesn't seem like a man with cancer.
  • While they're chatting it up, a tall guy with wavy black hair and a chiseled face walks into the kitchen and introduces himself as "Braverman." He's the grill man at the diner and Hope thinks he's kind of cute.
  • Hope meets Lou Ellen next. Lou Ellen gives her the "once over" and asks Hope if she's had any experience as a waitress.
  • As soon as the words "18 months" come out of Hope's mouth, Lou Ellen makes it clear that she's been at it for 10 years.
  • When G.T. sees Addie eyeing a piece of blueberry coffee cake, he proudly tells her that it's baked fresh every morning at the diner.
  • As Addie mulls over her first bite, G.T. tells her that the recipe is his mother's. Mother or not, the cake's too dry for Addie's taste and she doesn't sugar-coat her review when she shares it with G.T.
  • Lou Ellen asks G.T. what he's been cooking up for the last month (it's not pot roast) and he says she'll find out tomorrow after the parade.
  • Hope's not overly impressed with the town's festivities. Miss Pittypat's Tap Dancing Darlings don't exactly compare to the giant balloons that float over the streets of NYC during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • A float goes by carrying a man who's waving to the crowd. Above him, a huge banner reads "ELECT ELI MILLSTONE FOR MAYOR IF YOU CARE ABOUT MULHONEY."
  • Braverman tells her the guy has been mayor for the last eight years; everyone in town is too afraid to run against him.
  • A man in crowd starts chanting for Millstone and hassles Braverman for not clapping like the rest of the crowd. The man gives Hope the evil eye and creeps her out.
  • G.T. walks up to the stage and tells Eli he's got an announcement to make.
  • He takes the crowd by surprise when he says he's going to run for mayor in the upcoming election. He wants to help the poor and create jobs for the young people in Mulhoney.
  • When Millstone says G.T. will have to raise taxes to pay for all these things, G.T. gently reminds him that the town's biggest business, the Real Fresh Dairy, owes nearly a million dollars in back tax revenue. Collect the money—problem solved.
  • G.T.'s claim about the Dairy is all lies according to Millstone. He takes credit for bringing the Dairy to Mulhoney and says it's the best thing that ever happened to the town.

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