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Hope Was Here Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • After G.T.'s announcement, the parade crowd packs the diner. The town's sheriff, L. Greebs, rolls in and threatens to shut the place down unless some people leave.
  • The remaining diners start questioning G.T. How's he going to handle the stress of campaigning while battling leukemia? Why should they vote for him when he has no political experience? And by the way, just how bad is that cancer you have?
  • G.T.'s positive attitude comes across as he answers everyone's questions. He's been on the school board, helped get an emergency clinic built, and was the one who exposed the Dairy's tax fraud.
  • He tells the crowd that Mayor Millstone refused to meet with him about it, and he apologizes for not being more persistent after the cancer sidelined him.
  • Flo introduces Hope to Brenda Babcock, the sheriff's deputy, who is also new in town. She's not just another pretty face; according to Flo, Brenda's the toughest law enforcement officer on Earth.
  • G.T. tells the crowd that in order to get his name on the ballot, he needs 200 registered voters to sign the petition he's holding up for all to see.
  • Only a few people step forward; the others say they're afraid that their jobs at the Dairy will be jeopardized if they support G.T.
  • The Pastor Al B. Hall energetically gets up to sign the petition; he's a little ticked that his good friend G.T. kept these plans a secret, but his actions inspire a few others to sign, too.
  • The diner remains packed throughout the day, but Hope is able to keep the food flowing and the customers happy. She's learned a lot about waitressing from her mother and keeps a "Best of Mom" (43) book filled with tips Deena shares during her sporadic visits.
  • At closing time, Braverman asks Hope to join him and a few others who've volunteered to help G.T. get on the ballot. Although she knows little about politics and is too young to vote, she senses it's Braverman's way of saying, "Hey, let's be friends," and she's up for that.

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